Make Ahead Mason Jar Salads

Make ahead mason jar salads are perfect for helping you increase your veggie intake, and simplify your meal prep for the week.

We’ve tried to make the salads as easy to eat as possible by preparing them ahead of time. On the weekend, we do a big salad jar prep session.

We start with a bunch of clean mason jars.

You can use any type of jar that has a lid. Old spaghetti sauce jars will work too.

This is the dressing for our salads.

We start by putting olive oil and balsamic vinegar in the bottom of the jars.

Then, we put the more solid items into the jars.

This week we used garbanzo beans and grape tomatoes. They sit on top of the salad dressing and keep it from soaking into the greens.

We also added in some red peppers and radishes.

Finally, we stuffed a bunch of spinach on top.

You’d be surprised how much spinach you can smoosh into these jars. I’ve read that the more tightly-packed the jars are, the better the salads will keep over the course of the week.

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