How to Do an Easy  Pre-Christmas  Declutter

Lower your stress this year by doing a pre-Christmas declutter. Find out which areas you should declutter before the holidays so you can make space to enjoy the season.

What to Declutter Before Christmas

This is the perfect time to donate holiday decor – it’s more likely to be purchased at local thrift shops and used this year.

Christmas Decorations

Display Areas

This is the perfect time to downsize some of the non-seasonal decor items that you’ve had for a long time, but no longer love.

\Work with your child to declutter the toys they no longer play with so they can make room for this year’s Christmas presents.



Clear off space on your bookshelves for holiday decor, or new books that you might acquire in the next few weeks.


Declutter things like stadium cups, gross water bottles, and expired food.

Dining Area

Put things away, make decisions, and clear space for holiday dishes, platters, decor, and more.

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