How to Clean a Microwave

Welcome to the Spring Cleaning for Busy Moms Challenge! Last time, we cleaned our stovetops, and today we’re going to tackle our microwaves.

1. Set your timer for 30 minutes.

How to Clean Your Microwave the Easy Way

2. Fill a bowl with water and a few teaspoons of white vinegar.

3. Microwave the bowl filled with water & vinegar for three minutes.

4. After three minutes, check to see if the surfaces inside the microwave are moist. If they aren’t, microwave again for a few more minutes. If they are moist, go to step #5.

5. Wipe out the microwave with a washcloth or paper towel. This should be easy if the inside of the microwave is moist.

6. Use coffee filters to cover your food from now on. They will keep food from splattering all over the place when you microwave.

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