Areas You Need  to Declutter in  Your Kitchen


Need to declutter your kitchen? This guide will show you the areas of your kitchen you should declutter first so you can seriously organize your kitchen.

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Declutter Kitchen Countertops

If your counters are cluttered, it might be because you’ve decided to leave all your daily use items out for easy access.

If you have more than a dozen mugs and yet you use the same favorite mug each day, it might be time to declutter your cabinets.

Declutter Kitchen Cabinets

Declutter  Kitchen Pantry

Spend some time each month tossing out opened items you don’t plan on using or anything expired.

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Anything else you don’t think will be used can be donated to a local food bank.

Declutter Kitchen Drawers

Make sure all the items you’re keeping in drawers have proper homes.

Designate drawers for cutlery, serving utensils, oven mitts, and kitchen towels.

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