Things to  Stop Doing to  Feel Less Stress

We’ve all had seasons of life where we feel totally overwhelmed by everything that’s going on. 

Whether you’re dealing with a job loss, work stress, bringing home a new baby, a health issue, or family issues, feeling overwhelmed by everything can make us feel powerless and stuck.

Drinking too  much caffeine.

Things to Stop Doing

Too much caffeine can make you feel like you’re on hyper-drive. Switch to water or decaf after you’ve had your first cup of coffee.

Make simple meals and use paper plates. My favorite simple meal is a PB&J sandwich with an apple.

Cooking fancy meals.


We use it as an escape, but it often makes us feel worse because it looks like everyone else is leading perfect lives (they’re not), while we’re struggling.

Responding immediately  to texts.

Some texts are urgent, and others aren’t. Set up different ringtones for the people you need to respond to right away.

The News

Being plugged into the news all the time can totally stress you out.

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