How to Create a Simple Home Management Plan


Sooner or later, we all get to the point where we need a solid home management plan.  Easy home management tips are helpful too, but when chaos ensues, we need a plan of attack to get our homes under control.

What is home management?

Lined Circle

To me, home management is an evolving plan that makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. Everyone is safe, loved, cared for, and fed. And it’s nice if everyone also has clean clothes to wear.

Brainstorm all of the things that need to be done to keep your household running. Forget about the things you want to do. Just stick to the basics.

Home  Management Plan

1. This plan is aspirational. I do the basics first, and then do extra tasks if I can.

Please remember two important things:

2. Everyone’s plan should be unique.

You have to make your home management plan fit your life for it to work for you.

Daily Home Management Tasks

These are the tasks I try to do daily. It’s just the basics! Morning – Make beds – Empty dishwasher – Start laundry – Run Roomba/sweep

Daily Home  Management Tasks

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These are the tasks I try to do daily. It’s just the basics! Afternoon – Finish laundry – Prep dinner – Check in on budget – Weekly task time

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