Why You  Should Be Using  The Sock Basket


Looking for a way to simplify your laundry and clothing storage at once.?  Using the sock basket, you can make putting away clean clothes easier and make your laundry room less cluttered.

Here’s how to make your own sock basket system:

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1. Get only one type of sock for each person in your family to start. Make sure they’re different enough that you can tell them apart.

If at all possible, store them in the laundry room! That will make things easier for the person who’s doing laundry.

2. Decide on a place to keep your sock baskets.

Celebrate the brand new socks and how this system is going to make it easier for everyone to actually be able to find clean socks!

3. Talk to your family about your new system.

4. Get rid of the old socks.

If you have special socks for special occasions, find an easy place to store those (example: our kids have socks for baseball – we keep them in a separate bag along with their uniforms)

5. Put your new socks in their respective sock baskets.

6. When family members panic about the location of their socks, remind them of the new system.

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