Practical Lists To Make to  Organize Your Life

Lists to make to organize your life. Ideas for lists that will make you more productive, organized, happy, and intentional.

Brain Dump List

Make a list of things you need to do, want to remember, and projects you have to work on.

Current Projects List

Pick 5-6 of the most important projects to focus on, and move the other projects to your “next in line” list.

A next actions list based on contact helps you be productive wherever you are.

Context-Based Next Actions List

To-Do List for the Day

Your daily to-do list shouldn’t be pages long if you want it to be effective.

Routines List

If you’ve never written out your routines before, start by planning out your morning and evening routines.

If/Then Lists

If/then statements help you build routines and habits. They’re also perfect for helping you remember processes for work or home.

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