Make a Thanksgiving Shopping List

One big part of getting ready for Thanksgiving is making sure you have all of the ingredients and supplies you will need.

Once you get organized for Thanksgiving by finalizing and confirming your plans, you can start to make a Thanksgiving shopping list.

If you’re planning on spending Thanksgiving outside the home, this will be an easy task. You might need to make or purchase a hostess gift, or you might be bringing a dish to share.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your home, your shopping list will obviously be more massive. After you’ve planned your menu, you can put together a Thanksgiving shopping list

To make your shopping a little easier, you might want to break down your shopping list into categories:

– Meats – Produce – Canned Goods – Sauces and Dressings – Baking Goods – Dairy – Household Items  – Linens and     Dining Supplies

By planning ahead now, that would prevent you from doing a big shop at the grocery store when it’s already crowded with other customers who are also trying to get ready for Thanksgiving!

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