How to Keep  Your House Clean  All The Time


Simple strategies for keeping your house tidy. How to keep your house clean without spending all of your time cleaning.

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Do a load of  laundry each day

Laundry is one of the most daunting housekeeping tasks, and letting it build up until it’s completely overwhelming doesn’t help.

It makes it a lot easier and more convenient to put them away when you’re finished using them.

Store things near where you use them

Clean up messes right away

Quicker clean up means less time spent cleaning.

Do a quick bedtime tidying up

Coming home to a mess is frustrating, but waking up to one is a terrible way to start your day.

A clean home all the time

Decide how clean your home needs to be and create a routine that will help you achieve that.

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Get the entire  family involved

Everybody participates in messing the house up, so it’s only fair they participate in cleaning it up.

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