How to  Seriously Organize Your Bathroom


10 bathroom organization ideas to help you get seriously organized! Make your bathroom a calm, organized space with these practical tips.

Bathroom  Organization Tips

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1. Start by decluttering.  Don’t organize your clutter! Start by getting rid of the things you’re not going to use any more.

Get a good idea of what you have on hand so you know what you need to buy, and what you need to use up.

2. Take inventory of what you have on hand.

3. Create zones for everything you store in your bathroom.

This makes finding and putting away items easier.

4. Make it easy to put things away.

For the items you use day in and day out, make it super simple to put things away.

5. Organize your linen closet with baskets. 

Baskets and bins in your linen closet create a streamlined look, and they make everything easy to access.

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6. Find a way to store a few extra toilet paper rolls near the toilet.

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