Easy Playroom Organization Ideas Your Children Will Love

Realistic playroom organization ideas that are easy to implement and maintain. Simplify organizing toys with these totally do-able tips.

1. Don’t expect perfection.

I want our playroom to be a place where our kiddos can have fun, be creative, and learn through play. I’m just not going to stress myself out by flying off the handle every time there’s a toy(s)

When our sons were younger, I was all about using soft storage containers so they wouldn’t hurt themselves when trying to take out or put away toys.

2. Store things in baskets and bins.

I love to label things, but in our playroom it’s easier for all of us when we don’t.

3. Consider NOT labeling everything

4. Invest in kid-friendly shelving if you have space for it.

We purchased a couple of shelves that have cubbies built in as the bottom shelf. They’re great for storing oversized toys like big trucks.

When we bring them out of storage, they’re like brand-new toys to our kids. If, when we bring them out of storage, our kids are no longer interested in them, we know we can get rid of them.

5.  Rotate Toys

6. Use seating that doubles as storage We picked up a few storage ottomans, and we’ve used them to store all kinds of toys over the years.

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