Step-By-Step  Photo Organization

Have you been putting off your photo organization project? Here’s a simple plan for getting them out of storage and into albums for your family to enjoy.

Photo Organization – Step-by-Step

Gather all of your photographs that need to be organized together in one spot.

Find a place to store photo CDs, DVDs, and paperwork about your rights to make copies of photos.

Store Photo CDs and DVDs Separately

Go through all of your photographs. Declutter them as you go.

Ruthlessly  Declutter Photos

Create Your Story

Choose the memories that bring joy to your heart. Declutter the rest.

Put them in different piles by category to make putting them into themed photo albums a little easier.

Categorize Photos

Get Those Photos Into Albums! Start putting photos into albums. If you have doubles of photos, put them in the album together.

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